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Club meetings resume in September
subject to provincial guidelines

Vernon weather

Field trips Calendar with social distancing
Workshop now with limitations
Located at 5928 L&A Road, Vernon Map

Okanagan Rock & Gem Show
16-18 October

Vernon Rocks 21 & 22 November

Re: complaint from Buse Creek Ranch

People have been digging at the claim without permission and leaving large dangerous holes
All such holes everywhere must be filled in with the surface being safe for cattle and riders
This club claim may only be visited on sanctioned trips

Annual Club Membership Fees:
Single: $25.00
Family: $40.00
(includes children and grandchildren to age 18)

Available for purchase:
BC Directory: $5.00

BCLS Scholarships

A club for the serious rockhound, enthusiastic scholar
of gems and minerals or to satisfy a natural curiosity